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Stop Counting, Start Living, Find Peace

This popped up in my Facebook memories a few days ago.  Apparently, February 11th used to be a pretty tough...
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The Gift of Receiving

As the holidays near, parents everywhere strive to make Christmas morning magical for their children, from moving the Elf on...
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Three Misconceptions about Your Life Purpose

Misconception #1 You only have one true purpose in life. Have you ever read a quote like this?: "Your purpose...
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Living in the Land of Possibility

Last weekend I attended a workshop where everyone was asked to share a peak experience from their life-a moment that...
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The Keys that Scare You

We each have a piano inside of us.  We have access to the full 88 keys, but we tend to...
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Celebrate All of Yourself – Even Your Thumbs!

When I was about 10 years old, my grandmother bought me my first real piece of jewelry- a 14 karat...
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