The Keys that Scare You

We each have a piano inside of us. 

We have access to the full 88 keys, but we tend to stick to a defined range of 15-20 keys.

We are comfortable with these notes.

I’ve always tended to play the keys of:
– responsibility
– groundedness
– giving and selflessness
– reservedness

We feel at home with these keys. They are safe.

But we have access to so much more within us. If we’re willing to play more keys, we open our worlds to more variety, more freedom, more expression, more pleasure, more possibility.

Living a fully expressed life is feeling safe playing all 88 keys of your piano.

I’m practicing with the keys of:
– carelessness
– silliness
– confidence
– power

What are the keys you tend to play the most? What is your comfort range?

What keys could you try playing that will help you stretch and grow?

Hint: it helps if they are a little scary.

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  1. Deb Starr on October 9, 2021 at 8:25 pm

    Love this my keys are timeliness; kindness, awareness, responsibility., giving..

    Some keys I could play:

    Spontaneity key
    Switching directions…..
    A key that helps you live outside your box

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